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HUB Services and Cross-Spokes Activities

The Hub will be mainly the management entity of the Agritech. Moreover, the Hub is also thought to organize and provide several cross-spoke services and activities:
Objectives of Hub activities

  1. Ensure the proper overall management of the project in order to strengthen and support the objectives, completing the milestones in time and delivering each of the proposed deliverables
  2. Manage the financial and administrative activities
  3. Establish an effective communication infrastructure and foster the integrative process within the consortium and with external entities
  4. Establish, manage and support the Agritech Academy
  5. Coordinate and manage cross-spoke and technology transfer activities

The transversal activities carried out by the Hub will provide cross-center services to coordinate research activities carried out by Spokes and speed up technological development.

Organizational Model
In order to carry out the management and coordination activities required by the Research Program, the Hub nominates a Director (who is also the chief Program Research Manager), who is responsible for the implementation of the planned activities. The Director is supported by the Hub operational units, each assigned with specific functions. 

Agritech Academy
Agritech Academy will be a teaching and technology transfer venue managed by the Hub as a cross-spoke activity. The Academy will be funded by the Hub, have the official seat at the hub head quarters, and managed by the programme management infrastructure. Teaching, technology transfer and field activities will be carried out at the Hub site as well as at the spoke’s site or other venues indicated by the spokes for training on specific activities.


Monitoring of project development, submit scientific and administrative reports


Agritech Academy creation and management

Technology transfer

Organization and management of technology transfer initiatives