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Technologic Transfer

Agritech National Center has been specifically designed to promote innovation and technology transfer; in this context the collaboration and the exploitation of the network created with private companies has a crucial role in order to have a huge impact to the overall agricultural value chain. The achievement of Agritech objectives will require adequate funding to support Spokes’ activities and a solid recruitment plan of young scientists to be engaged in the planned research. Additional resources will be needed to support a strategic guidance and coordination by the central structure of the Hub, which will be fully involved in technology transfer, training and promotion of start-up ventures and other cross-Spoke activities of common interest. The total cost of the program is estimated in €477 million.

Cost categories and allocation criteria
We selected the following cost categories:

1) Personnel: i) Permanent Staff, ii) RTDA, iii) PhD fellowships, iv) Research Felloships
2) Infrastructure Equipment, Direct Research Costs and other goods and services
3) Open Calls
4) Hub Services and Cross-Spokes Activities

Infrastructures, equipment, direct research costs and other goods and services
This cost category includes laboratories development/renovation and equipment and materials needed for the research activities of the Spokes. Since the Agritech NC proposes to carry out research with medium-high TRL, Technological Infrastructures like Living Labs and Technology Transfer activities have a crucial role for the success of the research project. Living Labs are places where university researchers, private companies and contributors bring their different approaches and know-how and can collaborate to develop and apply research outcomes. 
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