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Call for Applications and Selection

One of the line of action will be focused on developing human capital through training agricultural professionals and managers. This will entail setting up an “Agritech Academy” for students with a bachelor or master degree in agricultural and/or animal science, and economics and/or management and related subjects. The Agritech Academy is believed to be one of the main impactful outputs of Agritech research programme

The school will offer intensive programs on a variety of topics of professional interest and will help to lead the next generation of technology and innovation-driven agricultural advisors and managers. Courses will be developed in partnership with companies and other non-academic institutions, considering also the participation of non-academic lecturers, according to the Academy model. Courses will last six months and will follow the key focus areas of Agritech, the circular economy, digitalisation, technologies for sustainable agriculture, resilience to climatic changes, new and integrated business models for rural areas, sustainable livestock and traceability. Courses will include soft skills training to create technology transfer experts and to facilitate innovation adoption on farms.

Agritech Academy is intended to train highly skilled professionals for the implementation of the revolutionary potential connected to the technological and digital transformation of the agricultural primary sector, with a focus on environmental sustainability, offering technical, managerial, and consultancy competences to companies. For further details, please visit the website: