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This page offers a selection of downloadable resources that are part of the communication materials for Agritech’s graphic identity.

Except for the logo, which cannot be modified, it is possible to customize the available materials by following the guidelines in the manual. For each communication tool, there is an already completed example and an editable template available for personal customization using graphic design software.

The importance of adhering to the specified graphic standards is emphasized. For further information or clarifications, please write to:

Agritech logo

Agritech logo in format:
pdf CMKY/ png / svg.
Including version with payoff

Agritech coordinates

Agritech letterhead in pdf format
A4 regulated / A4 institutional / A5

Agritech Template post

Agritech post template in png format
3 versions

Agritech guide images

Agritech guide images in pdf format


Locandina Agritech

A4 Agritech poster template in pdf format
4 versions


Agritech slide presentation

Agritech template in pptx format


Agritech Logo animation

Agritech animated logo in .mp4 format
4 versions + 2 end codes