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Innovation Broker

Francesca Serrone 
I am an Innovation Broker at the Agritech Hub. I have specialized in Precision Livestock Farming at the University of Naples Federico II, acquiring a solid knowledge base in the zootechnical and agri-food field. My education has been enriched by participating in the advanced training course at the Agritech Academy, providing me with further insights into innovation and sustainability in the agricultural sector. My role involves facilitating communication and establishing connections between the research world and the corporate sector, providing support to solve problems and introduce innovative technologies. My goal is to promote projects aimed at improving food traceability, environmental sustainability, and reducing the ecological impact of zootechnical and agri-food activities. Through the adoption of the latest technologies, we aim to contribute to a more efficient, sustainable, and green agricultural future.
Alessio Pilloni 
I am an Innovation Broker at the Agritech hub, holding a degree in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies from the University of Sassari, specializing in Mediterranean crop protection. Through an advanced course at the Agritech Academy, I delved into innovations in the field of agricultural 4.0 technologies, acquiring specialized and up-to-date skills to address the challenges of the modern agricultural sector. As an Innovation Broker, I connect the latest innovations in agriculture with the needs of producers, with a particular focus on hydroponics and Vertical Farms, while maintaining broad knowledge and expertise in other agricultural sectors. I promote solutions for sustainable and efficient production, determined to drive change and make agriculture more resilient to future challenges.