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Agritech will be present at the World Food Forum 2024

🌟 World Food Forum: Challenges for Enterprises and Supply Chains in the Sustainability of Food Systems – A Global Approach from Soil to Human Health  🍽️
We are pleased to announce that Agritech will participate on May 8, 2024, at the CIBUS International Food Exhibition 2024 during the World Food Forum, an unmissable event that will focus on the challenges of sustainability in food systems from a global approach, from soil to human health. The morning will be dedicated to the theme of ongoing transition in the context of the current geopolitical crisis, with a focus on long-term sustainability.
👩‍🔬 Speaking at the event will be Danilo Ercolini, Scientific Head of the National Center for Agriculture Technologies at the Agritech Center, Daniele Del Rio, President of the OnFoods Foundation, Claudia Zoani, Coordinator of METROFOOD-IT, ENEA Dept. of Sustainability of Production Systems, and gianni galaverna, Coordinator of Food-ER, Università degli studi di Parma, with Sara Roversi, President of the Future Food Institute, coordinating.

The afternoon will continue with the workshop “Enterprises, PNRR, Sustainability of Food Systems” on sustainable practices in the agri-food sector, featuring key industry participants such as Barilla and De’Longhi.

This event represents an extraordinary opportunity for learning and networking, bringing together industry experts, companies, and institutions in constructive dialogue. We look forward to exploring together innovative and sustainable strategies for a greener and more prosperous future.

📅 Date: May 8, 2024
📍 Location: CIBUS 2024, at 10:30 AM, Plenary Hall, Pad 1

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