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Agritech Spoke 1 – Animal Genetic Resources – Workshop: Exploiting Animal Genetic Resources: Driving the Sustainability of the Italian Livestock Production Sector

13th February 2024 | University of Bologna | Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences | Viale G. Fanin 44, Bologna
(Plesso di Agraria – Central block, first floor, Room 12)

Welcome – Rosalba Lanciotti (Director of the Dept. of Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of Bologna)
Introduction – Giuseppe Vendramin (CNR), Luca Fontanesi (University of Bologna)

Meta-analysis to uncover potential biomarkers for subclinical intramammary infection in dairy cattle – Vittoria Bisutti, Diana Giannuzzi, Alice Vanzin, Alessandro Toscano, Alessio Cecchinato, Sara Pegolo (University of Padova)

Genomes, chromosomes and climate change: multiple applications in ruminants – Matteo Cortellari, Arianna Bionda, Pietro Parma, Paola Crepaldi (University of Milan)

Germplasm storage and management: the Farm Animal Cryobank IBBA-CNR – Federica Turri, Emanuele Capra, Stefano Biffani, Alessandra Stella, Flavia Pizzi (IBBA-CNR)

Genomic prediction in local cattle breeds – Enrico Mancin, Cristina Sartori, Guido Gomez Proto, Angelica Oian, Roberto Mantovani (University of Padova)

Mining cattle and pig population genomic datasets to uncover signatures of artificial selection – Giuseppina Schiavo, Mohamad Ballan, Jacopo Vegni, Valeria Taurisano, Stefania Dall’Olio, Luca Fontanesi (University of Bologna)

Exploiting novel molecular phenotypes in pigs: applications of metabolomics – Samuele Bovo, Matteo Bolner, Anisa Ribani, Paolo Zambonelli, Francesca Bertolini, Luca Fontanesi (University of Bologna)

Identification of bovine epigenetic diversity – Emanuele Capra, Federica Turri, Flavia Pizzi, Alessandra Stella (IBBA-CNR)

Interactions between Spoke 1 and Spoke 5. G-G-ART: Genetics, Genomics, Advanced Assisted Reproductive Technologies – Alessio Cecchinato (University of Padova), Rolando Pasquariello, Fulvio Gandolfi (University of Milan), Nicolò Pietro Paolo Macciotta (University of Sassari), Luisa Biondi (University of Catania)

Discussion and closure

[From 14.30 to 16.00: Working Group Activities]

For more information and registration (open till the 12th of February 2024): please send a request
For remote connection, please send a request by the 12th of February.

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